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House of Tweed

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Timeless Luxury: House of Tweed

What is House Of Tweed?

The House of Tweed collection

Warwickshire Clothing proudly presents the House of Tweed collection, a treasure trove of timeless luxury for the discerning individual. Steeped in British heritage, tweed embodies a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted from the finest yarns, ensuring exceptional warmth, comfort, and enduring style.

What products does House of Tweed make?

  • Luxurious Socks: Wrap your feet in sumptuous comfort with our House of Tweed socks. Available in a variety of classic colors and timeless patterns, they add a touch of sophisticated warmth to any outfit.
  • Elegant Hats: Keep the chill at bay with our House of Tweed hats. Choose from stylish bobble hats or classic beanies, all crafted to provide exceptional warmth and a touch of timeless style.
  • Cozy Gloves: Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with our House of Tweed gloves. Made from the finest materials, they shield your hands from the elements while adding a touch of sophistication to your winter wardrobe.
  • Effortless Scarves: Elevate your look with our House of Tweed scarves. Available in a variety of captivating colors and patterns, they add a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit.