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When buying waterproof trousers, shoes, coats & jackets you want to make sure that it is made from a material that will keep you warm and dry.
There are several technologies available to help you achieve this like:

  • IsoTex (Used by Regatta)
  • AquaDry (Used by Dare 2B and Craghoppers)
  • Aquafoil (Used by Berghaus)
  • Gore Tex or Goretex (Used by many companies)
  • HydroDry (Used by Sprayway)

The most popular waterproof products technology using the Gore Tex membrane. Mostly used for mens gore tex jacket or womens gore tex jacket. Gore tex technology is very expensive so Regatta created a similar lower cost technology called IsoTex offered in affordable prices.
This guide tells you everything you need to know about IsoTex technology.

Woman wearing coats & jackets with IsoTex technology from Regatta clothing.

1. What is IsoTex?

Regatta great outdoors IsoTex fabric promises that you will be keeping dry and comfortable in all your outdoor adventures:

  • Waterproof keeps the water away.
  • Breathable allows inner moisture vapour to escape.
  • Windproof to keep you warm.

2. How does IsoTex work?

The IsoTex products consist of 3 layers:

  • The outer layer consists of a chemically treated layer. It produces lots of microscopic “spikes” that holds the water away.
  • The IsoTex layer is a fabric barrier that’s full of microscopic holes. These holes allow water vapour out of the fabric but are so small they prevent liquid water from entering.
  • The inner layer protects is designed to protect the IsoTex fabric.

Regatta IsoTex 5000, 8000, 10000, 15000 characteristics

3. What types of IsoTex are there?

Each IsoTex fabric have different hydrostatic ability to withstand a certain amount of downward pressure of water in millimetres. The bigger number relates to bigger withstand (mm).
You can find IsoTex products from 5000 until 20000 mm.

Regatta IsoTex 5000, 8000, 10000, 15000 logos from

4. How to care for IsoTex products

All IsoTex products come with care instructions, these should be followed, obviously.

How to clean IsoTex products

  1. Prepare for washing. Close the main and pit zippers and open pocket zippers. Release tension on all elastic drawcords.
  2. Wash. Put your product in the washing machine and add Regatta non-detergent IsoTex cleaner agent. Avoid use of biological washing powders or fabric conditioners. Wash on medium heat (40°C/104°F) at regular cycle setting.
  3. Re-proofing (optional). Normally every 3-5 washes the garment needs to be re-proofed. To understand if your product needs re-proof the water starts to settle into the surface and the jacket looks wet or damp.
    To re-proof use remove your garment from the washing machine and shake off excess water. Close all zippers. Hang the damp garment and spray with Ragatta’s spray-on Reproofer on the face fabric, concentrating on high-wear areas.
  4. Dry. Before drying, turn the garment inside out for maximum uptake by the face fabric.
    Place your product in the dryer on medium heat for 40 to 50 minutes (or until dry to the touch).

5. What are the products that use ISOTEX technology?

IsoTex jackets

Find here your Regatta IsoTex 5000 jackets for men and womens winter coats.
Find here your Regatta IsoTex 10000 jackets for men and womens winter coats.
Find here your Regatta IsoTex 15000 jackets for men and womens winter coats.
Explore our Regatta IsoText bomber jacket men.

IsoTex trousers

Buy Regatta IsoTex waterproof trousers for men or waterpoof walking trousers.

Regatta IsoTex 5000 or IsoTex 10000 jacket from

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